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  • Broaden Responses to Events

    I'd like to see additional response options for events:• Interested: people who opt in receive a reminder about the event start.• Attending: people who opt in not only receive a reminder but they a...

  • Better Built-in Moderation

    Look, I realise this will undermine some functionality of some bots out there that are specifically made for moderation, but I think Discord really needs better native moderation. It's half-way the...

  • Option to show/hide specific game status information

    A lot of us go for like 8+ hour stretches in particular games. Not everyone needs to know that much information beyond what we're playing, and I don't particularly care for telling people how long ...

  • Remove Notification if Relevant Message is Deleted

    Suggestion:This has been partly suggested, but I intend to cover two problems: mention notifications and new message notifications. If this is a repeat of a suggestion that covers both cases and no...

  • Markdown in Categories

    Would add just a bit more customisation where it is currently bland. Seems like a no-brainer to me given how many servers shove in some text from a font translator. And can we ditch the forced all-...

  • Smaller Video Embedded Links

    A pet hate of mine is that when linking a video, say from YouTube, the embedding is large and enough to take a majority of the channel's message space up. I know you can hide the embed altogether u...

  • Add More Mass Pruning Options

    FYII know you can prune any member bar the server owner, with sufficient permissions, as long as you ensure you derole those members to the @everyone role. Summary Add more selection options; allo...

  • Server Themes


    Give server owners the ability to select a theme and update it. The theme could be shown to all users if they so choose to see it via their personal settings. It would add a touch of personalisatio...