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  • RawrMaoster oprettede et opslag

    Custom Status Per Servers

    Title says it all. I think users should be able to have a custom status separated depending on the servers there in. Server One Status: I like EggsServer Two Status: *Something some servers find in...

  • RawrMaoster oprettede et opslag

    Chat Text Colour and Background

    Chat ColoursHaving  a set amount of colours people can use if they have the permissions (having it as permissions is optional or @everyone role can be set) to colour there own chat for the sole pur...

  • RawrMaoster oprettede et opslag

    Role Dropdowns

    When creating roles which i personally have alot in my server it would be great if i could create a dropdown role that i can put roles into so i could condense and reduce the amount of scrolling an...

  • RawrMaoster oprettede et opslag

    Ability to Undo and/or do Backups

    Undo Options Server owners such as my self should be able to undo deleted messages and allow permissions for ranks to do the same thing like administrator roles etc. Server Backups Server Owners (o...

  • RawrMaoster oprettede et opslag

    Nitro Boosters Get Their Own Emojis!

    Title says it all. I think it would be mint if Servers could allocate emojis to be used by Nitro Boosters only. So you would have sections as follows: (Under the emoji tab) Emoji - 99 Slots Availab...