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  • DreaD kommenterede

    +1 to this idea, I already use it as a "Installable app" on Microsoft Edge (edgium) and it works flawlessly, just needs the devs to add that little button that allows it to be more easily installed...

  • DreaD oprettede et opslag

    Add an "Account Overview" tab below the "My account" space.

    Basically a tab to keep in check of where you have signed in, trusted devices, and 2FA enabled devices along with recent changes to your account such as password changes, name changes, tag changes ...

  • DreaD kommenterede

    UPDATE : I did not know of the discord branding site before and I have to thank my fellow server mates for helping me with this concern.

  • DreaD oprettede et opslag

    Can we have a few good icons for discord?

    More Icons perhaps? LIKKKE one which has the same icon that the tray icon has???   ThanK. This is not an issue, just an aesthetic problem--