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  • Rearrangeable pinned messages

    It would be cool if you can click and drag pinned messages to rearrange them into the order you want :3 Like in dms and in servers for members who have access to edit pinned messages. It would be r...

  • Please return the old mobile layout!

    I miss how the old mobile layout use to look. The new look is very unsatisfying but not only that, it's really hard to view someone's profile without mentioning them on chatrooms. It also takes for...

  • Discord Lite!

    Okay so I love Discord, I can keep in touch with all my friends, especially my closest pals. But Discord keeps getting bigger and bigger to the point my phone might not have any room for it anymore...

  • Discord onsite profiles + search users

    I know we already have profiles on the app but I think it would be great if we could also get em on the site too ^w^ I have some acquaintances who's gifted me drawings of my OCs in the past and whe...