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  • @D3V1L0M3N 'My assumption is that it would be API heavy.' I'd be curious to know whether there are any database challenges. The messages table might be designed in such a way that the channel ID is...

  • @Pyralspite Yep, still not a thing. In fact, I'm not aware of any official response on the topic, let alone any plan to implement it.

  • 'This is just asking for messages to be taken out of context and abused' This has been discussed before, and the concerns were addressed. First, the UI could indicate that the message has been move...

  • An event would be really useful. Unfortunately, I suspect that this might be nontrivial to implement. Currently, most events are sent to every client. For an Audit Log entry creation event, it woul...

  • Indeed, Eve. This proposal is only to allow messages to be moved. The content of messages would be unchanged. Further, the UI could include a clear yet subtle indicator in both the original and new...