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    Great idea! My current profile picture doesnt exactly work in a couple of my servers. Your profile picture should be able to go with your nickname instead of your username.

  • Floofball Dragon Lady owo kommenterede

    I found the trick! Certain servers are given this. Like with the screenshare thing. Just spamming servers has a chance to get it but this has little use in current servers sadly. GO DEVS though. Th...

  • Floofball Dragon Lady owo kommenterede

    Hey! In the past week people have reported seeing this in action momentarily before disappearing. This means it is in beta!! Thank you discord devs! You are the best!

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    The option to write a detailed status message on all platforms

    I believe that discord should add a function similar to other social media sites where you can type your status as a message. People who view your profile can see your status and possibly why you d...