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    Yeah, why not just go !@#!#@hey!@#!#@ instead -.-

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    Please allow users to turn off auto-formatting

    I know auto-formatting *this* into this and **that** into that etc. is a feature, but I would like to have the option to turn it off altogether. In my circles asterisks are used to designate action...

  • Lapis L'Azuri kommenterede

    Would be nice to have the option for split windows, one for the contact list, menus, whatever, and another for any chat you want active at the time. That was a given in the old skype, then they gra...

  • Lapis L'Azuri kommenterede

    I agree. This is ridiculous, it's like telling you "don't write too much, don't THINK too much for that matter". What about the relics among us who are not satisfied by communication with friends t...

  • Lapis L'Azuri kommenterede

    Haven't you noticed that in every single "modern" site there are a light and dark theme that look exactly the same across the entire WWW, the themes from site to site are practically indistinguisha...