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  • LinsaFTW kommenterede

    Yeah, this could be implemented with the folder system to make bulk actions in entire folders.

  • LinsaFTW kommenterede

    I have to use discord from mozilla because the electron app takes a long time to startup and the cpu usage is really high, plus, i dont use most of the features that the app has.

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    Toggle Send Invite to Server Members

    It would be great to have a privacy option that doesnt allow people that is not your friend to send you discord invites, i need dms open for support, work, etc but some kids doesnt stop spamming we...

  • LinsaFTW oprettede et opslag

    UI Customization - Icons too White and Big

    Most of people that dislikes the new UI thinks that the solution of making it stop looking bad is just rollbacking everything back, actually the problem is not the design itself, but how white and ...

  • LinsaFTW kommenterede

    I think this idea was already added several times, more normally called "Quote Messages".