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  • GlenMerlin kommenterede

    Support and feature requests are long dead, but here's hoping they get this figured out for steamdeck

  • GlenMerlin oprettede et opslag

    The New Inbox on Mobile

    If we could get the new inbox feature that is on desktop on the Android and iOS apps (replacing the mentions tab there too) that would be great thanks

  • GlenMerlin kommenterede

    :kdab: kamilla is da best :eggmilla:

  • GlenMerlin oprettede et opslag

    pause notifications on mobile

    sometimes you have to do something important and don’t want discord pinging you constantly but still need notifications like text messages or alarms so having a way to set a notification pause woul...

  • GlenMerlin oprettede et opslag

    | Rightclick DM to mark as read

    I get alot of DMs that are things just like an "ok" that i can read from the notification it would be nice if there was an option to right click a DM (above the server list) and mark it as read jus...

  • GlenMerlin kommenterede

    Do it new icons are good I loved the previous icon redesign and these new icons are better than just the circle

  • GlenMerlin oprettede et opslag

    3D touch to peak (iOS)

    i would just like the ability to peak at an image with 3D touch on the notification like you can with instagram or other apps

  • GlenMerlin oprettede et opslag

    Only allow DMs from users with administrator

    I was looking at the server security settings that only contains "allow DMs from server members" but i though it would be nice to have a "only allow DMs from server members with administrator" its ...