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  • NotPorgu kommenterede

    I think this is might be in an early testing phase, there was one server I was in that had a button that said "set a custom status" that showed up above where you would set yourself as online, idle...

  • NotPorgu kommenterede

    This is a great idea. Often times I wish had bot away messages for dms so this would fulfill that need. Came from corridor btw. 👍

  • NotPorgu kommenterede

    I agree, this would be so awesome to have with nitro. Maybe users could only favorite 50 emotes or so, much like the limit they have for servers and frequently used

  • NotPorgu kommenterede

    Since this is similar to an idea I had I'll comment on it instead of a new post. Have the emoji list be collapsible per server, much like categories. Then you can easily toggle whether you can see...