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  • Akau oprettede et opslag

    IP detection alts

    Detect alt accounts via ip detection or browser fingerprint.

  • Akau oprettede et opslag

    Level 4 Boost

    Would be a good idea to implement a level 4 boost. It requires 40 boosts or 50 to earn it. The features you get might be different when this feature gets somehow accepted. The level 4 will give you...

  • Akau kommenterede

    This can be done by a bot, but this might be better since we don't have to write a command to delete few messages.

  • Akau oprettede et opslag

    Gift boost

    Make a thing so you can gift one or more boosts to someone.

  • Akau oprettede et opslag

    New Loading Logo on mobile.

    Since we only have discord logo flashing on mobile, we could add some animations to it like zoom in into fullscreen.

  • Akau oprettede et opslag

    Copying username on mobile

    Add a button where you can click to copy your name and discriminator on mobile. The same thing that is on pc but on mobile.

  • Akau oprettede et opslag

    Ability to see ghostpings on recent mentions.

    Ghostpinging is a type of message where you ping or tag someone and delete it so they don't know who pinged them. How about the recent mentions tab will show you who ghostpinged you.