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  • JustTheCoolest oprettede et opslag

    URGENT: Slash Commands not adhering to Channel Restrictions

    Slash commands are working in any channel, irrespective of whether the bot has been added there or not (In particular, this was noticed with the Dank Memer bot)

  • JustTheCoolest kommenterede

    Or we could keep it available to all users like in emails. For example, I'm awake at 2:55am right now and thought of something I wanted to ask someone. But it doesn't seem right to tag them in the ...

  • JustTheCoolest oprettede et opslag

    Remove Notification Dot on Do Not Disturb

    If someone is in Do Not Disturb, it means they don't want to be distracted. So, the Discord app should not show the red notification for normal messages (it's ok to show it for mention though). I a...

  • JustTheCoolest kommenterede

    If Discord is not willing to spend the resources, maybe they can keep limitations, like existing workflow services. The limit can be low for free users, higher for Nitro, and more could be purchase...

  • JustTheCoolest kommenterede

    BlueZ is correct, bots should not be able to DM you by default. That would open up an industry of DM marketing. Instead, we can have an option to DM bots without being in the same server, but not t...

  • JustTheCoolest oprettede et opslag

    Reaction Emoji Search by Emojis

    While adding reactions, we need to search for an emoji. But Discord's search engine is not very advanced. Keyboard services generally have more advanced search engines. Hence, it will be good if w...

  • JustTheCoolest oprettede et opslag

    Message Deletion Note

    I'd like it if Discord leaves behind a note like "Message deleted by user" and "Message deleted by moderator"

  • JustTheCoolest oprettede et opslag

    Suggestions on Android Share Preview

    The existing share preview menu can be updated with two useful features 1) It needs to allow selecting multiple channels 2) The preview box needs to be larger, and needs to allow internal scrolling

  • JustTheCoolest oprettede et opslag

    Sign in with Google

    Instead of having to go through the sign up procedure and having to remember passwords, it would be nice if we can sign in with our Google Account.