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  • Vlad kommenterede

    I mean, if i had to pick just one behavior, I'd pick minimize without skipping a beat. It is very frustrating to accommodate for inconsistencies between background apps like these. An option to tog...

  • Vlad kommenterede

    @Nol Fran Shee then how do you feel about all the other aforementioned apps that handle alt+f4 the way mentioned by me and OP? I don't know how can you call this a "niche use case" given that 90% o...

  • Vlad kommenterede

    @Nol Fran She have you ever actually used any program that is expected to run in the background? Like literally any cloud storage/torrent client/messaging app/game store (eg: Steam)/wallpaper engi...

  • Vlad kommenterede

    Since discord clearly will never bother to do something about this issue, is there any way to fix this behavior via other means?