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  • Phoenix--Project oprettede et opslag

    Offline Do Not disturb

    Add an offline presence setting that also acts as Do Not Disturb, where it does not play the notificiation sound. I know it's possible to do this by muting discord via the sound settings, or with s...

  • Phoenix--Project oprettede et opslag

    DM notes.

    Perhaps add a feature where a user can pin a set message to the top of a new DM channel with a user. So for example it says "This is the beginning of your direct message history with @user" then un...

  • Phoenix--Project oprettede et opslag

    Text wrapping on role names

    If a role name is too long, discord will just cut the part of the name off that it is unable to fit into the space, which is irritating since it limits how long role names to be since neither the m...

  • Phoenix--Project oprettede et opslag

    Mature channel warning

    Add a mature channel warning option, so that you can mark channels that have content that some users may find upsetting. True you could use the NSFW channel warning, but some users might mis-interp...

  • Phoenix--Project kommenterede

    What i meant was having the color of the fan role too without having it higher in the role list and without removing the color of the DJ role.

  • Phoenix--Project oprettede et opslag

    Primary roles

    Perhaps add a feature to discord server management which allows one specific role to always display over the top of another. So if i had an admin role which is blue, then a lower role that is yello...