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  • cj kommenterede

    It has officially been 2 years with no staff response and at this point, no one is adding anything that has not already been said months earlier. Still interested, not loosing interest (even though...

  • cj kommenterede

    I did not realize how much of a nerve this would strike. Either way, I'm not "trolling", this is a legitimate concern. CSS can absolutely go beyond visuals. Especially when you take advantage of ur...

  • cj kommenterede

    As a member of the community, I would like to reinforce my stance. I am not in favor of providing direct access to Discord's css, nor an option to share this css. All I personally want, is an opti...

  • cj kommenterede

    I don't have epilepsy but do find some emojis to really hurt my eyes. Having an option like this would definitely reduce the amount of complaining I would need to do in servers.