Dyslexia/Irlen syndrome/SEND accessibility


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  • kqzo

    knowing them they definitely aren't going to add any of these but there are a few betterdiscord themes that switch the font out with a dyslexia-friendly font which will at least make the desktop app usable

  • Sarah Davis

    Seconding this!  Just giving a toggle option to use OpenDyslexic or something similar would be a huge help.

  • The Insane Mentalist

    by the way, if not chat bubbles allow a highlight color for altering messages/ alternate sources. E.G. I send a message nad my name colour in DMS is blue, the name color of the person sending me messages is Orange. The background color behind the text also reflects this  with a desaturated/grayed out/pastel color behind the text that reflects the chosen name plates.

    It's annoying to use IRC mode blown up like I do to make reading easier and not have the option to highlight DMs like this for better viewability.

  • Shoelaces

    The current font is pretty hard to read. I seriously hope they add a dyslexic friendly font sometime soon. It strains my eyes and gives my headaches as it is.


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