Provide a reliable way for the server admin to realize the server is going to lose a level


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    I second this, email notifications about this would definitely be great, and a popup during login, or in the server pointing at the drop-down menu would be appropriate.

    This message could be shown to multiple users, not just the server owner, for example everyone with Audit Log permissions could see it, as every moderator should have access to this as well. This should cover it, as members of a mod team are more likely to be online than members of the admin team, and you could be pinged that way.

    Alternatively... I believe this is only a feature on mobile as of now (?) but wasn't there a progress bar showing the current boost status?

    I believe it only shows the current status, not the number of boosts that will remain once boost that have been taken will actually stop having an effect. It could look something like this

    [    progress bar   ]

    Lvl. 3        14 (12)

    This would give a quick overview on how many boosts will remain, and given this would fall under 14 boosts, you would know Lv. 3 is going to be deactivated soon, and take action.

    This bar would show underneath the server setting drop down menu as well - as it used to or still does.


    Maybe that helps


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