moving messages to threads


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  • Raymond foster


    Tap the three dots icon in the top-right corner. Select Move thread. Find the channel you want to move the thread to and tap on it.

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  • Autisticrealms

    Hi, I am trying to do the reverse of this. So I am trying to get all the messages that were posted in a channel (before I knew It would need a thread!) and move them across to the relevant thread. Thank you for replying, if you know how to do what I am trying to achieve please share and let me know. 

  • Ed

    I figured it's better to reply here than open a new thread. If not, hit me with a hammer ;)

    I am the owner of a server so my access is the highest. I can “create new thread” from a message but afterwards I can't move other messages to that thread

    Any help most welcome :D



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