Discord's "Shadowbans"


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  • weboy

    You are forgetting the fact that making an alt and joining the server while your main is banned, is against Discord Terms and Services, the fact that they did it means that all of their accounts should be disabled.

    Unbanning an IP might sound easy when you only look in the scope of a single server, but there are hundred of thousand servers on discord, and finding out who needs to be ip unbanned is a lot harder than it sounds.

    What if the user has been harassing more servers than just yours ? Then they cant remove the IP ban, but keeping that kind of information about every ip ban would slow down the checking of ip bans so much that discord would grind to a halt every time someone joined any server.

    Which means that it would be easier to just let the IP bans time out after a while, insted of catering to people who blatantly broke the TOS.

  • rzecz

    Dear weboy,

    I'm not talking about a platform wide IP ban, I'm talking about the fact, that if you ban someone on a discord server, they're getting IP banned on that server in particular. And in some cases, even if you unban that person, he still can't join.


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