Please make it an option or remove the grid for pictures


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  • Ayashi

    this is probably a good change for some servers but I would love for servers to be able to opt out! I have small servers with just a few friends and it would be nice to just have images be the way they were before.

  • 9lives

    The worst most obtrusive and invasive update ever, now all past artworks are cropped crap. My server looks awful, what a horrible idea and total downgrade, please fire the person responsible. Stop forcing unwanted changes. I'm not convinced this change was necessary at all, Discord trying to fix a minor issue by sacrificing a needed feature on all servers. My server never gets spammed, why tf do I need this? Please roll back the change ASAP

  • Melissa

    This change is awful, it's making photo posts look like muddled junk and forcing extra steps on users. I shouldn't have to click on a meme to read the text on desktop. I love discord and the team usually seems to know what they're doing but I have to ask if anyone tested this?

  • Ichamo

    Agreed. I really hope they swap it back or at least add a toggle. It sucks trying to share art with this update.

  • Zylafone

    this is the first update I've ever had a problem with but its so frustrating the way its cropping art now


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