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  • Aextyone

    Pardon my poor english. But i really need help right now


  • blackwolfwoof

    As far as i know they take the date you sent the support ticket.
    Also remember:
    - you can only ever refund nitro once via a support ticket
    - if you try to refund it via your bank then discord will disable your account permanently

  • Frakuras

    How long did you wait for a response from support? I have the same situation

  • retr0

    did u guys get a response? ive had a ticket for 13 days (almost 14) regarding a refund because my account got hacked and someone tried to spend 100+ dollars on it. haven't got a single response since opening the ticket tho…

  • Clodsgaming

    Did you guys get any response? I've had mine for a week now also spent $100 on nitro gifts automatically luckily its not claimed.


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