Please stop changing the display in useless and annoying ways.


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  • Mary Smith

    Agreed. I keep having to roll back updates to prevent this from interfering with my mobile experience, but it’s maddening on desktop. I am shocked that it’s taking them this long to add some sort of off switch on the grid layout, or total removal. This is the most upsetting change they could have made, reading images at a glance is something I shouldn’t have to beg for.

  • Xiutecuhtli

    Why can't they add stuff like the ability to add favorite gifs on mobile, or the ability to search from oldest to newest on mobile?  Those are functions that actually positively impact the site, and if they look the same as desktop version then they will feel natural and it won't bug that many people.  

    But instead they keep adding stuff that makes the site less usable and that nobody asked for or ever would have wanted.  Whoever is in charge of these decisions needs to learn how to do their job well or let someone else do it.  


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