Mosaic image layout is nightmarish for artists.


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  • Anthony Lawrinson

    I 100% agree.  For different reasons.  I'm not an artist but I upload images for functional reasons related to managing gaming and I HATE the fact that my multiple images get thrown into a mosaic now and I cannot turn it off.  It's not a "feature". It's a reason to cancel my discord subscription because a key driver of why I haver a paid account has been undermined.  The "mosaic" was so bad that without realising my discord had been updated, I registered a ticket about a bug to say that multiple images were now corrupting.  It just looks $4!7.    

  • Mary Smith

    Agreed! I’ve sent images with a horizontal layout with text, and the readability is absolutely 0%. The grid layout is in no way helpful. And the way it was phrased in the update log was truly insulting. “Woe to those who enjoyed spamming tons of images in a single upload.” Yeah. Woe indeed. What the hell. Total removal or an option to turn it off would be great. It’s annoying on desktop and on mobile i just keep having to roll back updates until they remove it. Being able to read things at a glance should be a normal thing to expect.


  • 9lives

    Ruined my server, announcements channels looks like crap, art Showcases channels are crap, sharing images with friends now is so hit or miss. I hate this layout to the point I downgraded all my nitro and don't miss anything because the user experience lacks anyway, so I am now looking for other platforms. Sharing art was the only reason I used discord, now I think it's just jank ugly.


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