Thread Inactivity Option: Never Hide/Expire


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  • StrangeDynasty

    Forums and threads were never formatted to disappear or cease to exist after one week - they were never limited to a time frame, that was the whole point of them. I know so many people who struggle with the way discord uses forums, it genuinely prevents them from using discord on servers that do make use of the forums/threads feature more heavily.

  • jailyene_trixo

    It is important to consider different accessibility needs when implementing features such as thread hiding in messaging platforms. Automatically hiding inactive threads may negatively impact individuals with mental illness, neurodivergent individuals, and those with disabilities. It is important to provide users with the option to choose whether or not to hide inactive threads, as some may find it difficult to navigate through menus and lists of threads. Additionally, the current implementation of hiding threads may be awkward and jarring for some users


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