Option in the server's onboarding to select (Important read-only channels) and make them visible at all times, whether or not Show All Channels is checked on the user's client.


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  • MedGR45

    I agree that this is a major usability problem that needs to be addressed.

    We have temporarily disabled this Onboarding "feature" due to issues that were causing confusion among both our staff and members. The feature was hiding newly created and critical channels from regular and new members, making some important parts of the server to become almost completely unusable in this current "feature's" state. Discord already has many options and settings for end-users to navigate, and this additional burden was overwhelming for new members. Despite answering all of the questions, channels were still being hidden, requiring manual input from the user to show them again. We appreciate the effort to improve the community experience, but we suggest re-evaluating the Onboarding "feature" to ensure it's working seamlessly for everyone.


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