so discord crashes when i start a new line now lol


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  • RandomGamer

    Ah, Discord's latest update with "new and improved features". On a serious note, I was going to write about this, but I saw your post under similar posts so I'm commenting and liking here instead. Here's what it looks like to those trying to fix this:

  • RandomGamer

    Forgot to mention this in my other comment, but I would suggest using the Discord browser until this gets fixed.

  • Vitamin Ex

    I just started having this problem and I thought it was something with Bandage. I disabled every addon I'm using and it still crashes. It sucks that you have this problem, but I'm glad I'm not alone here. If enough people start complaining, maybe they'll fix it soon.

  • Lottery248

    yes this happened to me 6 times recently.

  • LCY712

    I literally restarted everything and I found out its because of an update. I thought it was one of my settings and checked everything multiple times. Its so annoying! I'm used to typing essay responses instead of splitting every message into multiple parts. here is another video example of it happening.

  • Tkgames

    I started having the same problem. For me, in addition to it crashing on a new line, it also crashes when using any emoji.


    "Hi guys! So the fix is in User Settings > Text & Images > Preview emojis, mentions. Disabling that should stop the crashes! If not you may have to wait till next update."

  • RandomGamer

    Hey BIG BUTCH DINOWIFE, thanks for the quote! I can't believe this was opt in by default as a beta feature.

  • samried

    Upon checking everything, it seemed to be a setting issue on my end.


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