Android Server Emojis not working


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  • Syl

    I have the same issues too, not just with emoji, even @mention won't work

  • Fubid

    My friend on Android is having the same issue.
    Tags and emojis are not working.
    It all started ever since Android discord started highlighting the emoji texts prior to hitting enter to send them, after some update from a couple of months ago.
    When using an emoji on discord android,
    The text of the :emoji: turns blue while typing, in order to display the emoji image.
    Most of the time the :emoji: text doesn’t turn blue and is sent as text only.
    Same with tags too.

  • Monomachine

    i'm very, very tired of this bug...
    my friend doesn't even want to buy nitro anymore because of it, why pay for emojis you can't use?

  • BinkerZ

    This error happens to me when I share a link (from the clipboard or from the Android share menu). Any emoji I add to the message automatically gets appended to the end of the message as text (e.g. :pogchamp:) and does not render once submitting the message. Attempting to fix either manually or using the emoji menu to edit the message to make the emoji appear correctly does not fix the issue.

  • NewBoomerangMiaro777

    Seriously why have they not fixed this problem,

  • NewBoomerangMiaro777

    Apparently this glitch is caused when a servers custom emote has the same name as a default discord emote and therefore it gets confused and thinks that the custom emote doesn't exist on the server for some messed up reason

  • Jupe

    Unless if Discord added a bunch of Twitch emojis as default, above is not true.

  • Ghost Kitsune

    Been having this issue too, but seems to be just one emote it doesn't like, same emote on two servers I made myself, same name. deleted them both and re-added them, didn't work. name change? they suddenly work. so if it's one of your own server emotes that isn't working, try renaming it or adding a number onto it etc... 
    The one not working for me was :crycat: so changed it to :crykitty: and :crycatto: and both seem to work fine now!  
    Shouldn't have to have done it, but if you've got access to them to change the name then that's a simple solution to it, if it's someone else's server emotes, then idk, yoink it for your own server since you've got nitro anyway and change the name? 

  • cheese

    Yea... Just started having this problem. 😭 But it seems to be random emojis sometimes it'll work one day and not the next... Sometimes emojis from my server or others. It works for reactions but not for text messages.. weird ☹️

  • deadmanfrank

    I have the same problem a random emote for a few days just won't work on Android but work perfectly fine on pc...

    Please can someone find a way to fix that annoying bug.


    ps. Yes renaming the emote fix the bug but when the emote is not in your own server you are screwed.

  • holiday

    Hmm like Jupe said I'm not entirely sure that it's emotes that are named with the same names as default emotes cuase I have some emotes on servers like :PogO: :KEKW: :WeirdChamp: etc. That pop up as text and last time I remember Discord doesn't have twitch community emotes as default emotes

    Also not entirely sure that this is a Mobile problem since I have the same problem on pc

  • Soul

    Still a issue, 8 months was not enough time?

  • Nando

    No one has a fix?


    Its more than a year this problem is still occuring !!! Idk why they haven't fixed it yet I got nitro but it literally has no use

  • Biggi

    Dear discord please fix this custom emoji not Working thing the THE EMOJI DOES NOT APPEAR WHY! i hope that you will fix this issue very soon

  • Atom_Soldier

    It's been three years and now the emoji's doesn't render on both android AND Mac wtf


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