Randomly losing profile notes for no reason.


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    Bumping this since it's obvious you have absolutely ignored me.

    Just lost dozens of personal notes AGAIN. There is LITERALLY no reason this should be happening. The most frustrating thing is that I don't know what caused it. not all of my notes are gone, only some, and ironically only apparently the MOST IMPORTANT notes.

    What the heck is going on with these discord? What are you doing? Yes I realize it takes time to develop and things but you have to be kidding me. What is the point even of notes at all if you cant trust the data in them to be there later?

    If you are going to allow people to change their identity to completely that keeping track of people is nearly impossible unless you use a note, you also need to ensure those notes are SECURELY STORED. NOT SOMETHING THAT IS RANDOMLY FREAKING DELETED FOR NO FREAKING REASON.

    Seriously what? I put other important information, such as birthdays and other info that I would otherwise never be able to recover now. You piss me off. You do a lot of good stuff on this platform but my data is evidently not secure, and that makes it basically useless to even use the feature at all. Because I have no way of knowing when or if I will lose whatever is in the notes, and therefore lose track of a friend, or otherwise lose track of something important about that friend.


    And also give me back my notes. Tell me how to go in and rescue them, there must be a back up somewhere! Because I *know* you have my data!

  • Doggers

    Everything on my account is missing! I got logged out, I logged back in, got an email verification message, had to click that, because the first email never came through, and now, ALL of my groups and conversations are GONE! WTF!?

    I'd had never use this site if I knew that was going to happen.


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