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  • Simmie

    While I like the minimalistic form of the new logo and the cute new emoji like animations, I absolutely hate the font. It takes away the vibe of the application and I just cannot stand it. Don't even get me started on the colour, it's so OVER JARRING. Its screaming for attention and it hurts my eyes. Please don't proceed with these design changes, it will hurt your brand identity.

  • 小路綾

    I don't like how the new logo is smaller while the eyes kept the same size as before, it suddenly looks kinda like a console controller giving you a death stare. The color and the font are way too screaming, even with low brightness while my eyes don't get hurt they don't like what they see.

    They say they asked us about this, but honestly I received no such question nor notice about this change until last night. Idk if they only asked random people or a closed selection of themselves, but either way they clearly did not ask enough people.

    This UI change is a dumpster fire and does not reflect discord's legacy at all. Discord was an unique chat app back in 2018 and prior with the older UI, now with all the meh updates and this stupid one, it just looks like a weird normie app that's craving for attention. The only UI update recently made that I like was the new look for the boxes of given reactions to a message.

  • blu.e

    hey Leafwater i despise the new update too, and thankfully there's a third party solution- betterdiscord makes discord themes and one of them reverts the update!!

    If discord can't make things accessible, then thankfully there are users who will do all they can lol :pensive: although it sucks that it has to come to that.

  • Leafwater

    Funny you mention that, ayden/blue, my friend told me about betterdiscord yesterday and I have it downloaded and I'm using it now. 

  • blu.e

    haha yea leafwater, guess lots of us are using betterdiscord now.......... the general consensus that ive seen (across these forums and in general) is that Zero people like the update- and there are memes everywhere too, templates across all fandoms abt it haha

    my personal favorite is this one

  • WonderBurrito

    The new font is so terrible. Please just go back.

  • Kübi

    I’m basically the opposite of dyslexic, and I still find the new font hard to read.


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