Accessibility issues are still an issue


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  • Droid

    I get headaches as well as moral damage with each new update, over the past year. they make discord worse. instead of sticking with people, they are releasing a new update with the of the user avatar interface. which is just as aggressive, I feel tense, and I try not to look at it. it looks like they won't return anything back. but we must defend our rights and demand the return of the old one.

  • spaceAndy

    i feel at this point like they're actively trying to kill me or cause me harm with this update. ive submitted countless tickets and comments and feedback and they dont care.

  • kqzo

    not me about to reach out to the owners of the servers im in and ask for teamspeak edition

  • Avie

    There’s an app called Guilded that’s just like discord without the migraine-inducement. I switched over to that

  • juana569

    Facing same issue before couple of months, I also got headache with each new update came they totally made discord worse. I am really not happy with this types of issue's.




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