Still Experiencing Migraines And Seizures From Update


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  • kqzo

    wait couldnt you bring this up as a legal issue

  • spaceAndy

    kqzo Probably...Is there a forum section for that?

  • Jade

    This entire rebrand is a legal issue.  People are literally being harmed, like OP here.  And I bet that's why they've gone mum and aren't actually saying anything.  They're terrified of legal action.  

  • Jade

    It appears they did respond on Reddit 6 days ago. It’d have been nice to have a public statement, not a Reddit comment on an ancient post…

  • spaceAndy

    Update: finally FINALLY they added support to filter the colors on desktop. So I will be stuck only using desktop for a while, or at least only using my phone app with the strongest filter on.

    Unfortunately, that doesnt cover the font issue. The new font is still impossible to read, and gives me migraines when I try. It's. Useable? I guess? but not comfortable or ideal.


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