Nitro Classic and Nitro perks (regarding profile banners and such)


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  • BladeXRG

    Discord shitted on Classic Nitro for no reason. Are we unexistent? Did you guys forget we're paying you 5 dollars monthly? No wonder they say Classic Nitro is useless, because you guys don't care about it and seem to say "these guys are paying us, we should ignore them".

  • Tōru Tsundere

    I completely agree with this, this idea is much more logical. 

  • joebob

    Yeah, the only features I think should stay as Nitro exclusives are the functional ones, like 4000 characters, 100mb files, and 200 servers, and 2 boosts. Cosmetic features should always be available for nitro classic imo. Keeping COSMETIC features locked away from paying users is a slap in the face 

    Edit: Basically, keeping the technical features as nitro exclusives is fine, but locking away cosmetic features from classic is stupid and you might as well remove classic at that point. 

  • Free Churro

    Im a nitro classic user and I was so pissed off when I found out we got nothing. I'm paying with what little money I have for this dumb service just so I can actually send stuff in servers and use emojis and even then im getting ripped off.

  • patchesotron

    The way it was implemented was kind of insulting, too. 'Want a banner? Get nitro! :)'

    I HAVE nitro already.

  • M00N 🌙

    I have the full nitro but I find it complete shit that nitro classic users are being shorted.

  • Komari

    Thanks for making it worse for classic users who get what most ims can offer for free...yeah I already feel like I'm getting nothing for my classic sub, let's make discord more classist and just punish people who can't afford $100 usd a year for basically the next Skype...

  • Real Zain II

    Pretty bad this is just wasted my $49.99 on buying nitro classic for a year and what so you get lol nothing, 50MB max? GIF pfp? Custom tags? Emojis? That's it? Oh and 1080p 60fps :))

    When Nitro users get 100MB? GIF? Custom Tags? More servers? Longer Messages? Banners? Stickers? 2 boosts? Emojis? 
    That's literally the worst $49 I spent in my life.
    (I thought the difference was only 2 boosts, 1 month ago when I bought but that's too greedy at this point pretty disappointed on discord.) won't be buying nitro anymore obv pay discord and still get shit perks :)) 

  • A L U C A R D

    The profile banner update is really good... But even discord nitro classic users should be able to use this feature. If not the animated ones we should atleast be able to use images.

    Thank you

  • Apollo

    You think logically and you are right. I agree.

  • ・hanyuu・

    i agree men

  • seedmaster101

    completely agree, really upset that nitro classic gets nothing out of this

  • ୨☆୧ memi

    I'm pretty annoyed with how money-hungry discord is, with over 300 million people who use the site it's normal for extra features to cost money. I don't have many complaints about server boosting and using emojis, etc but when they make people pay $10 a month on a messaging app to make their profile look pretty when there's already a $5 option that they just ignored it gets on my nerves. If at least nitro classic users could have custom banners that weren't animated, that's when I'd be happy. 

    I'm desperate to make my profile picture so I'm going to end up wasting my money on nitro anyways lmfao.

  • x-explosão

    concordo mano 

  • Luma

    I 100% agree with this.

  • teilty

    +1 Upvote , 

    the newly introduced banner feature, is now open to everyone.and i want to tell you about a problem i have:
    As you know, normally there was only server boost difference between nitro classic and nitro.

    I use discord in my native language and I realized that some privileges are not in my native language and do not appear conspicuously, when I realized that I could not put a banner after purchasing nitro classic.

    I just wanted to buy a nitro to use the banner feature, but discord doesn't give me this right

    I cannot upgrade my subscription until the subscription I purchased has expired. by the way, i bought a nitro for my purpose and i'm not happy about it as i haven't been able to fulfill my purpose.

    As a result, due to the carelessness of discord administrators and developers, maybe a few people like me have experienced a similar situation.
    My newly purchased nitro is a complete waste of money for me.
    I want a discount ($5 instead of $10) for an upgrade with boosted nitro, or I request a refund. 

  • Ness

    Tbh, I just feel like Discord made custom Banners just as a selling point for Nitro over Nitro classic

  • reuslux

    I agree.

  • Barry

    Its even worse now. They make you pay 5-10$ for every "profile effect" you want in their new Discord Shop and you need Nitro to even access it. A monthly subscription isn't even enough for them omg


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