Return mentions menu instead of stage discovery


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  • Big D Squirrels

    Fully agree, I loved that mentions were right there, easy to get to. I hate having a useless feature right there front and center while mentions are buried deep in the ui

  • sparki

    Yes, put the mentions back to the main part, switch the stage and mentions

  • il798li

    I think Stage Discovery is good, but viewing mentions in 1 spot is a must on the home screen.

  • George

    I don't mind stage discovery, and I don't even care about having mentions on the home screen, but it needs to be somewhere, the iPhone app's unusable right now.

  • Tuba-san

    I will say that I have never bothered with the stage discovery option on my laptop version of discord because it's not a feature that interests me. And I deeply regret updating my mobile app.
    So many regret.
    I loved the mentions section on phone. So much so, that I would prefer it over the ability to check my inbox on laptop app. Now it's gone and it's so much more work finding pings for myself.
    I feel very frustrated. Can we please have the mentions menu back.


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