Spotify DJ music doesn't show on profile status


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  • qventessa dev

    As i know make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app installed on your device. Check your app store or Spotify's official website for any available updates and install them if necessary or verify your privacy settings within the Spotify app. Open the app and go to "Settings" > "Social" and make sure the "Listening Activity" toggle is enabled. This allows your activity, including the music you're playing, to be visible to others. Target 401k

  • Charles Jackson

    I totally get how much fun it is to share music with friends on Discord, and it's frustrating that the Spotify DJ feature isn't showing on your status. It's possible that this issue is related to the newness of the DJ feature on PC, so it might be worth keeping an eye on Spotify updates. Meanwhile, you can explore options like downloading or visiting Spotify Free Premium for PC to enhance your music-sharing experience. Hopefully, this gets resolved soon!

  • Willian Wortth

    If your DJ music on Spotify doesn't show on your profile status, there might be a few reasons for this. Here are some potential explanations and solutions:

    Privacy Settings: Check your privacy settings on Spotify. If you have your listening activity set to private, your DJ music won't be visible on your profile status. To change this:

    • Open the Spotify app.
    • Tap the gear icon (Settings) in the top-right corner.
    • Scroll down to the Social section.
    • Make sure the "Listening Activity" or "Private Session" option is turned off.

    Correctly Tagged Tracks: Ensure that the DJ music you're playing is correctly tagged and identified by Spotify. If the music is not properly recognized, it might not show up on your profile status. You can't manually add tracks to your profile status; Spotify relies on its database to identify songs.

    Sharing to Social Media: If you want your DJ music to appear on your profile status, you need to share it to social media from within the Spotify app. After playing a track, you can choose to share it to platforms like Instagram Stories, Facebook, or Twitter. This will create a post that your followers can see on your profile.

    App Updates: Make sure your Spotify app is up to date. Sometimes, issues related to profile status updates can be resolved by updating the app to the latest version.

    Account and Region Restrictions: Sometimes, account-related issues or regional restrictions can affect profile status updates. Ensure that your Spotify account is in good standing and available in your region.

    Network Connectivity: A stable internet connection is necessary for sharing your listening activity. Ensure that you have an active and reliable network connection while using the app.

    If you've checked these settings and your DJ music is still not showing on your profile status, there may be a technical issue or a bug with the Spotify app. In that case, you can reach out to Spotify's customer support for assistance, as they can provide more specific guidance and help you troubleshoot the issue.

    Note: You can also download Spotify Free Premium for PC to check if you face the issue again.

  • Jhon caleb

    Spotify's feature that allows users to display their current music on their profile status has been a popular way for people to share and discover new music. However, some users have noticed that the Spotify DJ function doesn't always work as it should.

    One of the main issues with Spotify DJ is that it only displays music from certain playlists or albums, rather than all of the songs a user is currently listening to. This can be frustrating for users who have a diverse taste in music and want to showcase all of their current listens.

    Another problem with Spotify DJ is that it doesn't always update in real-time. Sometimes, the displayed song or artist may not match what the user is actually listening to at the moment. This can be confusing for followers who are trying to listen along or for those who want to add the same song to their own playlist.

    Additionally, there have been reports of users not being able to see the Spotify DJ status at all on some profiles. This could be a technical issue on Spotify's end or with the user's account settings. However, regardless of the cause, it can be frustrating for both the user and their followers.

    While these issues with Spotify DJ may be frustrating, there are a few ways to troubleshoot and potentially resolve them. One option is to try logging out and back into the Spotify app. This can refresh the connection between the app and your profile status. Another solution is to make sure that your account settings allow for sharing of listening activity on your profile.

    Regards Jhon Caleb

  • hazel silas

    Hey Andrew,

    I totally get where you're coming from! Sharing music on Discord is such a cool way to connect with friends. It's a bummer that the Spotify DJ feature isn't syncing up with your status updates. It could be a glitch on either end, but fingers crossed it gets sorted out soon. Have you tried reaching out to Spotify or Discord support? They might have some insights or solutions. Here's hoping you and your friends can get back to enjoying those shared tunes together! 🎶

  • Sophiya Jeems

    The Spotify AI DJ feature is currently available for Spotiflyer premium users in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland. If you're not from these regions, you might need to wait until it's fully regulated in your country.

  • Honista

    There could be several reasons why your Spotify DJ is not showing up like honista. It could be due to a poor internet connection, an outdated app, playlist settings, firewall issues, device compatibility issues, or other technical glitches.

  • Honista

    There could be several reasons why your Spotify DJ is not showing up like honista. It could be due to a poor internet connection, an outdated app, playlist settings, firewall issues, device compatibility issues, or other technical glitches.

  • Jerry Clinkstan

    Hey Andrew, 

    It seems like you're experiencing an issue with Spotify's DJ feature not reflecting on your Discord status, preventing your friends from seeing the songs you're playing. While the DJ feature might be a new addition on PC, it's unclear whether the problem lies with Spotify or Discord. 

    Here are a few suggestions: 

    Check Discord Settings: Make sure that your Discord settings are configured to display your Spotify activity. You can find this option in Discord under "Settings" > "Activity Status." 

    Spotify Settings: Ensure that your Spotify settings are correctly configured to allow sharing activity on Discord. You can find this in Spotify under "Settings" > "Display Options" > "Show on Discord." 

    Update Software: Make sure both your Spotify and Discord applications are up to date. Sometimes, issues like these are resolved with the latest software updates. 

    Community Forums: Check both Spotify and Discord community forums to see if others are experiencing similar issues. If so, there might be ongoing discussions or solutions that could help. 

    Contact Support: Reach out to both Spotify and Discord support. They might be able to provide specific insights into the issue and whether it's a known bug or something that can be addressed in future updates. 

    Remember that technology can sometimes have compatibility issues, especially with new features. It's possible that future updates from either Spotify or Discord may address this problem. In the meantime, communicating directly with their support teams might offer the best chance of resolving the issue. Good luck, and I hope you can get back to sharing your music with your friends soon!

    Note: You can also download Spotify Free Premium for PC to check if you face the issue again.

  • WarrenVasquez

    También suelo utilizar Apps Entretenimiento para descargar spotify premium para escuchar música mientras me relajo.


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