My account got disabled for wrong reason.


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  • Fps1509

    Hello, your account will not be deleted after 14 days, accounts which disabled due to underaged will be deleted after 30 days of being disabled, but discord support team works very slow, and not good enough, my account soon will be deleted and all of my tickets are just marked as solved without a response, but I hope you will be more lucky than me

  • henriks9

    Same with me (I created a ticket today), it's scary that other people can ban any account by simply exploiting the Discord Report function even though I've already entered my real age (20) on Discord.

  • Dogsteeves

    Mine was just disabled yesterday and I send a report right as a found out I am worried since I have D&D this Saturday and I need Discord to join the call with everyone and play at 2pm and 6pm

    I am Twenty Seven Years old


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