My ticket was 1 minute old, and closed by Nelly


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  • Sightburner

    Nelly also lied in my ticket. The ticket detail say I haven't confirmed several things. This is the ticket details:

    But I gave all this information in the ticket when I opened it. How is this acceptable? 

  • Eaglescout126

    nelly is likely a faulty bot or a disgusting person who failed to do their job. no clue which yet

  • Buffy

    Hey there Sightburner,

    I'm currently in contact with the discord support team and will update you soon.


    Buffy Official

  • Tylaxe

    Same. Nelly closed all my tickets and turned off add conversation 

  • Tylaxe

    Buffy what happen to the Nelly topic? 

  • Ceru

    I got my account suspended for the 2nd time now. Last time 1 year ago, with the reply from nelly that she lifted my suspension, everything was working again from that time on. My account got disabled again 16 days ago, and not a single reaction on my ticket sofar. 6 Days ago, (patiently waiting because the automatic email clearly stated to NOT reply to the ticket else it would be queued back (which makes literally NO SENSE AT ALL) i replied to the ticket, asking about some kind of information. No further replies. This is so hilarious, i pay monthly Nitro, and my account is now half a month locked and i don't have any clue when or if it will be enabled again. This whole procedure angers me hard.

  • Xyi

    I'm experiencing the same thing . This is utterly disgusting how abysmal their support is. I'm currently considering legal action.


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