Worst part about this isnt losing the account, its knowing you had the chance to help, but didnt


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  • Venexis

    Shoutout to Robert A, equally unhelpful in addressing any of the many legitimate questions and requests for further information I had following the New Username Scandal.

    Keep fighting the good fight, fam. At this point I'd like nothing more than to see Discord topple, finally. I'll be ready with a link to what I believe might be the next best option when it does… and right now, too, in fact. Revolt (https://revolt.chat/) is a chat service in opposition to Discord, a little buggy still, but actively under development with a number of features and changes that directly counter some of Discord's most terrible management decisions. That alone was enough to bring me over, and I hope it'll be enough for some of the most frustrated people here, too.

  • xo

    Is there a way I could get in touch with Robert A?

  • Venexis

    Honestly? No idea. Their name is all greyed out in the correspondence history, but I'm not sure if that was always the case or if there's been some shakeup to the support staff. I don't really care either way. This is the info I can readily find, though, current as of 3 months ago (our only correspondence, by the way- future queries have fallen on deaf ears).

    Personally, I wouldn't hold my breath getting in touch with anybody affiliated in any way with Discord here. I've seen zero evidence to suggest any of them even so much as glance this way.

  • Reese


    Are you able to write what you did, that you recovered the money for nitro. I was charged money on 25.08.2023.They disabled my account on 30.08.2023 at 2:00 a.m. Polish time while talking to a customer for the company. Are you able to talk to me about this? I have made a couple of requests, but I am not able to get an answer from discord for what the account got banned. Would it be possible to contact you somehow?


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