Account hacked and deleted because of slow support


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  • Reese

    Ah. I understand you

    I think propably they are stinky slackers.
    3/4 of the people there are probably bots, and 1/4 are probably people who just come in and drink coffee in the morning throwing funny puppy on Twitter. Their reputation is getting worse and worse, I won't be surprised if people stop using discord because of this. Very sad

  • Venexis

    Some of us literally already have stopped using Discord. I personally made the switch to Revolt (, which seems vastly more competent even if it is still somewhat buggy. 

    It's the only language they're going to understand, and quite honestly, high time Discord was replaced by something that cares about its userbase.

  • Niño

    Check my post aswell i have the same bro i have had discord since 2016 and i dont know what to do anymore or whats going on.

  • My account was hacked as well, and I'm still waiting over a month after submitting the original ticket. I have attempted to submit additional tickets, but they immediately get marked solved with no explanation. It's highly frustrating that this is the only avenue to support that they have. I've been a paying Nitro supporter since the very beginning of their nitro program. And this is how they treat someone who pays them over $100 a year! Disgraceful!


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