$12 for a profile sparkly thing? No


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  • thegremx

    OMG ! YES thank YOU !!

    I’ve been complaining about it a month ago when i found out i couldn’t buy a Classic at 5€ now that i have enough money to allow me this every month.

    My post just had a reaction just like “meh they not gonna put it back” ??? I mean why not ? 

    More people could afford this and WILL take it but they can still use the three tier, that’s not a problem but i won’t pay 10 buck to have a gif on my pfp.

    The 10€ tier could just had more data and more on ! (as they said on the Nitro description)


    And generally, people are struggling to live, by eating pasta every day BUT WE GOT THE RIGHT to shine while taking a break with friend on Discord. seriously it’s getting p00p im sorry but it’s how i feel,  :// and I don’t get those reactions for other socials..

  • Brumbpo

    Literally criminal.


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