video chat bubble shape overlay on game screen


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  • nishimotoson
    • Choose Overlay Software: Select software like OBS Studio or XSplit that supports overlay creation.
    • Create New Overlay: Open your software and create a new overlay scene.
    • Add Video Source: Insert your video chat feed as a source in the overlay scene.
    • Design Chat Bubble: Use image editing software (e.g., Photoshop) to design a chat bubble shape with transparency.
    • Save as PNG: Save your chat bubble shape as a PNG file with transparent background.
    • Add Image Source: Add the saved chat bubble image like tanghulu recipes as an image source in your overlay scene.
    • Position and Resize: Position and resize the chat bubble overlay to fit the game screen where you want it to appear.
    • Configure Transparency: Adjust transparency settings of the chat bubble overlay for a natural look.
    • Test and Adjust: Test the overlay with your game screen and video chat to ensure it appears correctly.
    • Save and Apply: Save your overlay settings and apply them during your game session.

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