Notes and other important info now harder to access due to experimental "simplified profiles" feature


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  • Karin

    I agree, I only just got the update so I didn't notice until now. I use notes HEAVILY in moderation, being able to click a name and instantly see their notes is something I use every single day. We are a discord server that connects to a game, and I always put their in-game name in a note in case they change their name/nickname later. It comes in handy very often. Additionally, I put notes if someone is particularly helpful or has caused issues in the past.

    Hiding this information out of sight has massively impacted the speed of my moderation, and is particularly difficult for moderators with disabilities that have an even harder time bringing someone's full profile up.

    I believe this change is extremely unnecessary, as when unused, the notes section takes up very little space. There are a couple ways this could be improved to benefit everyone:

    • A setting to toggle notes being visible in the simplified profile (best for everyone)
    • When blank, there is no notes section. You can visit the full profile or right-click to add a note, and then it is shown in the simplified profile

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