New 'Activity Status' makes it difficult to view streams.


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  • mullbritta

    Had to make an account to upvote and vouch for this placement being a nuisance. Should either be moved or be a toggleable feature by the server.

  • Gustavo

    Literally created a support account just to search for this and upvote this. 
    It's so annoying that it added a click and a few seconds for me to be able to watch lives on discord.

    -Now i have to click the call group to open the window with every live/person on a call →

    -Search for the icon of the live i want to watch, which is annoying when there are several on a call →

    -Finally i'm able to click on the live i want to watch.

  • Dacunno

    I have emailed directly about this exact issue. Would love to see this one gain traction as it's fairly frustrating.

    Would be awesome to just have the watch stream button in that spot rather than tucked away in a hover menu.

  • Jaap aao

    My friends and I are going mad over this ‘feature’. It's so annoying having to play a mini-game to try and get your mouse around the ‘chilling’ icon but still keep it on the user-block in order to not lose the hover and then click on watch stream. It used to be one fluent motion, now it is hell. 

    Please please please allow us to turn this feature off or hide it at that position. Or just place it to the left. 

    I'm even willing to give a demo by Teamviewer or anything for you see how this affects users.


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