Please bring back the dedicated Messages tab


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  • Kenji

    It’s awful, I hate it. I want this one back.⬇️

  • Phoenixdesignskairos

    Yes! It should be an toggleable option the same way you [discord] are talking about having a toggle option for Swipe To Reply/Swipe To View Members. It's not that hard, guys. Please. 

  • Creed

    Oh my goodness yes I’ve been saying the same thing. This whole update has been a very unpleasant surprise. Discord needs to give users the autonomy to optimize their experience with a customizable bottom bar. It might not be the same for everyone, which is okay.. but at least this way everyone feels seen and heard. 

  • Aspenbtree

    100% agreed. The decision to make a bold UI change is always risky, but then backing down on it and taking it away right when people start getting used to it just causes needless confusion. I for one use DMs all the time and hugely benefitted from a dedicated tab. A toggleable UI option is, IMO, an easy solution that makes everyone happy.

  • sikuaq

    I think the choice to revert the change half a year later is… very interesting, in the best of wording. I agree that I kind of miss it myself, even if it severely messed with my muscle memory at first. Personally, I'd love to have both means of entering the DMs tab, as I would genuinely use both given different contexts.

  • shmuel

    I'm not an old man, but now I'm having trouble seeing the DMs. They made the font smaller, so now it's harder to see, and now it doesn't take up the whole screen. Why is there wasted space on the sides? Mobile devices only have so much space and have the width for a full column; why go and make that smaller?

    Having a separate DM tab makes the most sense. DMs and servers are not the same, and they should be separate. And I shouldn't have to scroll past all the servers to get there either, and I have to reach the very top corner of my screen, which is a very awkward movement and extremely annoying and inconvenient.

    All in all, please just give us back the pre-update UI that was **way more** mobile-friendly.


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