Accessibility- live captioning


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  • Geraldine Jones

    Hello, Alex Dixon  Spotify Pie

    Here is the some key points which may help you.

    User Feedback and Requests:
    Many users have requested live transcription or closed captioning during voice chats.
    A feedback post highlights the importance of this feature for users with hearing loss.
    Third-Party Services:
    While Discord doesn’t natively offer live captions, some third-party services exist.
    These services can transcribe speech into text but may have limitations (setup hassle, cost, compatibility).
    Potential Solutions:
    Discord could implement an official live transcription feature.
    Users with hearing loss could read chat transcriptions alongside voice chats.
    Additional voice and video settings related to accessibility would be beneficial.
    Existing Features:
    Discord already has a text-to-speech feature (/tts <message>).
    Implementing live transcription alongside this feature seems feasible.

    I hope this information will help you.
    Best Regard.
    Geraldine Jones

  • Kaceiconyers

    Hello, I am also wondering if auto-generated captions can be added to the hang out/chilling groups. I love discord for dungeons and dragons and the interface is helpful and easier for me to use than a lot of apps but I have a hard time hearing the other players so it would be amazing if there could be auto captions generated! thank you.


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