Add a theme like the old one that's not as hard on the eyes


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  • vincent9874

    hello! scrap 

    Feedback and Community Posts: Many users have expressed concerns about Discord’s new dark theme being harsh on the eyes. White text on the blue-shifted gray background can cause discomfort. Share your feedback on platforms like Reddit and the Discord community forum.

    Adjust Settings: Lower contrast in accessibility settings, resize the Discord window, or try the “Automatic” theme.

    Advocate for Change: Continue sharing feedback with Discord. Advocacy from the community can lead to positive adjustments.


    I hope this helps you.

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  • ema;i

    I'd like to add a softer, more eye-friendly theme, similar to the old one. Just like a well-chosen nail polish color enhances a manicure's appeal, a gentle theme can improve the overall user experience.

  • kitty

    Even with the lowest contrast option available, Discord's dark theme is too high contrast and gives people like myself frequent headaches and eyestrain. I had avoided updating Discord for a long time so I wouldn't have to deal with it, but it finally updated and my fears of eyestrain were confirmed, and are even worse than I thought.

    I'm photosensitive and visually impaired in ways that mean high contrast dark themes leave long-lasting afterimages in my vision, impairing my ability to read, or even see at all. Low contrast options that offer something similar to the old theme would be an incredible option for those like us.


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