"I Got Banned - "Account Disabled - Violation of TOS"


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  • iknowdude00

    Good luck is all I can say. It's been four months and I doubt I've ever had a human look into my case. Replies take weeks and even then it's just the same copy pasted “you broke tos” message that I can only assume is the ticket being handed off to a bot.

  • .andre47


    When will you finally understand and not under every post write the same thing if discord will ban your account for ToS, unfortunately according to the platform you are a potential evil and will not unban your account. Remember that according to the rules, breaking this point is to the detriment of the platform and their users

    If you have broken the rules beat your chest and apologize to everyone for your bad actions or just create a new account :)

  • Queenmagda

    After 14 days, I received a response and an unban on my account - just need to wait


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