A lot of confusion on my age appeal requests PLEASE HELP


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    1. An "Open" ticket in Discord Support(Zendesk) means that the ticket is currently active and assigned to an agent who is working on it. It signifies that the issue is being addressed and hasn't been resolved yet.

    2. Yes, you should add the selfie and any other required information to the conversation. Adding the requested details will provide the support team with the necessary information to process your appeal.

    3. The category selected might influence the initial routing of your ticket, but both categories are related to account issues. If there is any confusion, the support team typically reroutes the ticket to the correct department

    4.  Since the answer to question 2 is yes and the selection in question 3 is not critically different, you should not need to resubmit the ticket. Just add the required information to the existing open ticket.

    5.  Tickets marked as "Solved" can still be reopened and updated if needed. It does not negatively impact your chances if you resubmit, but focusing on the open ticket by providing the required information might be more efficient.

    6. The ticket number being lower just means it was created earlier. The status being "Solved" indicates that an agent has addressed that specific ticket. The open ticket being older doesn't necessarily mean it's been seen yet; it just hasn't been resolved.

    7.  If there are issues with your submission (like a blurry image), the support team will typically reach out to you within the ticket for clarification or additional information. You usually won’t need to submit a new ticket for this 

    8. "Last activity" indicates the most recent action or update on the ticket. This helps track when the last interaction happened. It should not concern you as long as you are providing the necessary information and waiting for their response

    For the best outcome, ensure all required documents and details are added to the open ticket. This approach helps streamline the resolution process.

    In Conclusion, Just wait 😅


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