nitro the badget changes colors every year


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  • Doggo

    i think something better would be your nitro can change color depending on what you want it to be or house maybe?

  • HG

    Here is how it should be in my opinion: gray, dark purple, bronze, silver, gold (with shine animations to all of them, except the gray one). It should also be in 6 month increments instead of 1 year increments. Users should be able to select whatever ones are available to them (so if a user has silver, they shold be able to select any badge color that is lower or equal to silver).

  • ShuriZma

    if they do that they should also add a counter that shows how many month of nitro you already had. one that doesnt reset just because there were problems with your payment and you didnt have nitro for a day. just like twitch subs.

  • John_Locke

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  • maria lopez

    I like the idea of changing the color of the Nitro badge based on the number of years of loyalty. It gives users a tangible way to showcase their support. Have you considered creating a custom APK for the Nitro badge, so users can easily access and display their current badge color? This could increase engagement and boost brand loyalty.

  • jannyjordon

    Nitro, the popular software for online communication and gaming, has a unique feature where the badge color changes every year. This change in color is not just for aesthetics but has its own significance. Each year, Nitro introduces a new badge color to its users, which represents the current year. This feature helps users in identifying the duration of their Nitro subscription and also keeps the badge fresh and exciting.By changing the badge color each year, Nitro also ensures that its users face no confusion about the renewal or expiration of their subscription. This way, users can avoid any mishaps or inconvenience that may arise due to the uncertainty of the subscription period. Furthermore, the change in badge color serves as an indication of the platform's constant growth, innovation, and evolution. It shows how Nitro continues to provide new and exciting features to its users, and how the platform is always striving to enhance user experience. In conclusion, Nitro's badge color change every year is not just for visual appeal

  • Raphael Sylas

    The proposed loyalty program for Discord Nitro, with changing badge colors based on subscription duration, is an excellent idea. It adds an exciting element for long-term users, recognizing their commitment and creating a sense of progression. Starting with the default gray badge for new subscribers, transitioning to the green badge after one year showcases their loyalty. The bronze badge for two years, silver for three years, and gold for four years further symbolize their dedication to the platform. This system not only rewards faithful Nitro subscribers but also encourages users to stay engaged and invested in the Discord community. 

  • Andrew Brooks

    Thank you for your proposal to introduce color changes in the Nitro badge on Discord based on the duration of Nitro membership. It's a creative idea that could add visual distinction and recognition for long-standing members. The proposed color scheme, starting with gray for the first year and progressing through green, bronze, silver, and gold for subsequent years, aligns well with the concept of achievement and progression.

  • Vincent Bryson

    That sounds like an interesting proposal for a loyalty program within the Nitro Discord! Implementing color changes in the Nitro badge to signify different milestones or levels of loyalty can be a visually appealing way to recognize and reward long-term members. The colors you've suggested, such as gray, green, bronze, silver, and gold, could represent various stages of loyalty and commitment. 


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