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  • FaultBat

    It's funny, I've been waiting for and following the "progress" of this feature long enough that the first thing I wanted it for has long since come and gone, as has a second reason I wanted it, and now I'm in a third group that I'd like this feature for.

  • Hinnie

    This would be great to have! Commenting to keep it alive

  • Del

    Adding vote as an incredibly needed feature.  People using pictures of themselves for their profile pictures are encouraged to only stay on servers with people they know in RL, and never join other servers (or to have a very generic image instead).

  • Haggstrom

    Yeah, how is it not implemented yet? We join dozens of servers, change our names, so there's no point in using the same avatar for things that are extremely different. Please, guys, it's about time!

  • Kyuusaku

    Adding my vote to the pile!

  • aacarm

    +1 please. Thank you!

  • Matschen

    I just don't really want my Furry profile pic on my gaming servers. So please do this. 

  • Mistake Of God

    We need this badly

  • OhkokuKishi

    Some avatars aren't the most appropriate for particular servers. And having a neutral avatar to suit all of them kinda' kills some of the fun and enjoyment of it all.

  • saus

    Please add this please

  • James Hall

    I'd buy the shit outta nitro if we got this.

  • AliciaDestiny

    Hopefully this will be a thing soon

  • Bee

    i assume this isnt happening any time soon (since i always check the updates and i didnt see it listed ever) but i do hope it does happen, it would make discord on par with amino. As someone who changes their profile picture almost monthly (not sure why i do this, i just get an urge and change it) it would be a great feature to have

  • FiretronP75

    Despite how valuable it is, it would be odd to charge for it, considering that every other multi-group chat app ever made has this feature.

  • [10F] Prime Lorca

    Decided on a new tactic since they haven't listened for over a year. Went to Play Store and posted a 1-star review. My post said it's a good app, but they get 1 star until this becomes a thing. Their response was something about giving them feedback. Yeah... Because that works. :-(

  • Drahgoone

    This would easily be the greatest update for Discord, though there is no real reason to believe they will listen to this idea unfortunately...

  • Zestiest

    I don't want to be just a lemon

  • Zakail

    would be an amazing feature! please consider it~

  • RenatoCRON


  • Cameron

    Signed up to +1 this. Would be very useful, even it it was a Nitro feature I wouldn't mind and would purchase it just for that.

  • radwic


  • UgurtheOne

    COME ON, DO IT ALREADY!... pls?

  • Swashbuckles

    Still waiting and hoping for this.

  • Darbii Rue

    Throwing my hat into the ring on this one. Having per-server Avatars would be absolutely fantastic from an RP standpoint, but also if you're playing multiple games and want your Avatar to reflect you in-game character, too.


    I'm really hoping this is something that you guys @Discord consider!

  • Grimmax

    Hmmm already 18 pages here and so many guys wishing this feature bit nothing happened...its a shame...

    +1 btw

  • Lioness

    This makes so much sense!  I am in multiple Discords, all with different a focus (gaming, RP, social, etc.).  Being able to change a nickname per server is essential to being able to identify myself properly.  Multiple avatars will do the same thing!

  • daeyura

    Wow 19 pages and still no response? I don't think I need to emphasize why we need this feature anymore. It is relevant and essential to your users, Discord. Please consider this once more!

  • Ultimate Fluff

    When will this be a thing? I would really appreciate if this were a surprise update. We can stream and screenshare but we cannot change our avatars on a sever-basis?

  • [10F] Prime Lorca

    My 1-star rating on the Play Store stands until devs respond to this thread. I encourage others to join in their respective app stores.

  • Qnya

    as much as i would love to see this feature, giving the app a 1 star rating is just childish and unfair. You don't give a restaurant a bad rating only because they serve soy sauce you don't like right?

    Also empty threats, which yours clearly is put you in a rather....derided position.
    A little lifetip to get taken seriously, only threat someone with stuff you can enforce yourself (forcefully or not).


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