Way to save and switch profiles quickly


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  • em

    discord pls i am begging, would be huge for anyone who is now using discord for work/classes in a pandemic-ified world

  • Scrabbleship

    How has this not been implemented yet?

    Discord wants more and more to be a social media app, yet every other social media app out there (Reddit, FB, Twitter) allows multiple accounts to be signed in at once.

    Maybe Discord should've spent less time on putting together a rebrand no one wanted and more time on features that have thousands of upvotes.

  • kokomo

    Google smart lock on my Android even somehow manages to allow my work account to ping me when I'm logged into my fun account. I get alerts from the account the app doesn't have me actively logged into! But to reply I have to log out of my fun account and log back in under work to get to it. Anyone else have this happen?

    Also, to be fair, a rebrand project is likely handled more or less by an entirely different department than implementing multiple logins would require, but still, seeing nice-to-have features getting rolled out when this need-to-have feature is ignored still isn't great.

  • Okeanos - Artix

    C'mon Discord, do this already.... What the hell

  • Mamo Verlassen

    Hurray! Discord has added account switching in beta mode, we're finally seeing progress!

    They even use the term "alts", which must mean that having alt accounts is becoming acceptable.

  • ECC9


  • Metzok

    Andy could you share a screenshot of that option here?

  • Mamo Verlassen

    Saw this today:

    Opened by clicking my profile. Discord is known for rolling out new features with a kind of A|B testing mentality (i.e. random people/servers get new features while others don't), so some people might not have it yet.

    EDIT: It's also worth noting that I got a pop-over message about the new feature when I opened Discord today, so if you don't get that message, you probably don't have it yet. But try hard-restarting Discord :)

    Here's another screenshot for you:

  • Metzok

    Thanks! That looks pretty nice

  • Ursa Maximus

    Oh heck yes! I really hope this rolls out to everybody soon.

  • Stelard✨

    Question to those who have this: What happens when the account that is not active receives a DM? Do you get alerted in any way? If so, how soon? Do you appear as online but away to other people, or offline?

    If it just signs you out, then I don't see the point of this feature.

  • MeLlamanHokage


    In the free Apollo for Reddit app on iOS, you can sign in with multiple accounts and switch with a few taps. No need to enter a password as you’re already signed in to each account.

    You can use the paid version to get push notifications among other things. In the free version, notifications don’t show until you sign into that other account.

    As far as appearing off/online, setting the status manually or automatically could be available from the settings on each individual account. 

  • MeLlamanHokage

    Also Discord team thank you for this awesome service and please add the option to switch accounts, preferably by clicking the user icon in the bottom left corner of the interface.

    e.g. User Icon → “Switch Accounts” → “Select Account” modal

  • Pterodaxyl

    Every Android phone I've owned has had the capability to create multiple profiles, with separate screen unlock keys. So I wouldn't dream of loaning my phone to someone else without switching it to their own or a guest profile. Yes that includes my spouse, parents, siblings, & children.

    Having done that, you can install a separate copy of Discord in each profile, with its own login. Ditto logging in on a web browser.

    Likewise web browsers on a PC offer multiple profiles with similar separation. (Firefox also offers containers within a profile.) These keep the cookies and thus session data strictly separated.

    The ability to stop someone reading 2FA SMS while using your device would seem to be an obvious reason to prefer this approach.

    Being able to switch more easily between your own work and private accounts would be handy, but then I would still want to have multiple copies of the app installed so that I could do things like change the background colour as a reminder not to type sensitive info into the wrong one.

  • justghost101

    According to my friend, this feature is available in a mobile phone veraion from Discord called Bluecord
    Unfortunately, this app violates Discord's Terms of Service . 🥺

  • Cycloneblaze

    The account switcher is rolling out for everyone! https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412732047127-Discord-Account-Switcher-FAQ

    Only took 3+ years :)

  • Gregarious Egg

    They need to go ahead and resolve this thread then

  • XennyBoy994

    When is this coming to mobile?

  • 2Flow2

    This feature seems to be out, when is this thread going to be marked as "Completed"? Does Discord not check these forums anymore?

  • texelations

    I just made a second account to use with my real world identity and I went to sign it into the account switching in the app, and found out that isn't currently possible. I too would really appreciate it if it were added. Thanks.

  • James

    I can totally relate! Dealing with siblings or kids logging us out can be frustrating. Having a list of saved profiles on the login screen would be a game-changer. It would make life easier for both of us, allowing quick access to our own profiles without the hassle of logging in repeatedly. Let's hope this feature gets added soon in alquiler de camas hospitalarias!


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